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VITAL REMAINS - Into Cold Darkness LP

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Old School Death Metal

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VITAL REMAINS was created in 1988 by guitarist Paul Flynn, in Providence Rhode Island. From there the band became a driving force in the local death metal scene. Their influences included acts such as CELTIC FROST, VENOM, BATHORY, SODOM & MERCYFUL FATE, often lending the band's sound a slightly more black metal edge on occasion compared to their peers. ''Into Cold Darkness'' was the band's 2nd studio album & originally released in 1995. VITAL REMAINS continued to evolve & establish their brand of blackened death metal & firm antichristian stance with an album of arguably even more ferocity,aided by the generally higher tempos & inspired and intense riffing. With an air of satanic death metal running throughout, the album also contains coverversions of the classic black metal tracks ''Dethroned Emperor'' originally by CELTIC FROST & ''Countess Bathory'', by UK metal legends VENOM. This 2014 edition presented on 180g heavy weight black vinyl!

Farbe: Schwarz
Format: 12''LP
Genre: Old School Death Metal
Versandgewicht: 0,50 Kg
Release Datum: 12. Juni 2014
EAN/Barcode: 0801056850515

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