GRONIBARD - We Are French Fukk You LP

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GRONIBARD is a gore/grind band with a lot of Rock ?n? Roll influences in it & sort of resembles bands like BLOOD DUSTER. GRONIBARD comes from France who released their 2nd full length ''We Are French Fukk You'' in 2009. Known for their hilarious live performances & ridiculous songs, the 5 Frenchmen have come up with another record filled with 17 tracks of obscene & retarded bullshit. Most of the lyrics are in French, in mongoloid jibba jabba or with an extremely brutal pitchshifter of course. Every fan of retarded & funny grindcore will get all his here. Limited to 400 handnumbered copies on Black Vinyl in gatefold jacket.

Format: 12''LP
Genre: Grindcore
Farbe: Schwarz
Limitiert: 400 Stück
Versandgewicht: 0,50 Kg
Release Datum: 19. Juli 2009

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