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BRUTAL TRUTH - Goodbye Cruel World 3LP

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The long awaited ''Goodbye Cruel World'' 3xLP by U.S. grindcore legend BRUTAL TRUTH. After twelve years of its original release, this long time sold out recordings will never be forgotten. This album have a different running order and 2 songs which not released on the CD-Version. ''Goodbye Cruel World'' is primarily a live chronicle of BRUTAL TRUTH but there are a few extra surprises as well. LP one shows the band at their prime shortly before they dropped the curtain axe on their career. It highlights the band's sound as featured on masterpieces like ''Kill Trend Suicide'' & ''Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom''. A sound that had evolved far beyond any genre tag as limiting as Grindcore. BRUTAL TRUTH were more thrashing, more hardcore & more noisy than ever before or anyone else. Music of this caliber and intensity can't possibly be described. It can only be experienced. So now, on its first time appearance on vinyl, this is matching everything. Pressed on 3x 12'' records on 180g heavy black vinyl, boxed in a 350 gram heavy double fold out cover with completely new cover, layout design done by Luis Sendon & limited to 400 copies worldwide.

Side A
     Live At The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia (August 1998)
A1     Intro / Dementia    
A2     K.A.P.    
A3     Choice Of A New Generation    
A4     Birth Of Ignorance    
A5     Stench Of Profit    
A6     Walking Corpse    
A7     Sympathy Kiss    
A8     Pork Farm    
Side  B
B1     Jemenez Cricket    
B2     Repeat At Length
B3     Media Blitz
B4     Fucktoy    
B5     Ill-Neglect    
B6     Kill Trend Suicide    
B7     Cornucopia
B8     Godplayer   

Side C
C1     I Killed My Family
C2     Time    
C3     Denial Of Existence    
C4     Hippie Cult
C5     Callous    
    Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 12, 1998)
C6     Dethroned Emperor

Side  D
    Live At The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia (1998 Or 1996)
D1     Telly
    Live At The Powerstation In Auckland, New Zealand (September 18, 1998)
D2     Blind Leading The Blind    
D3     Pass Some Down    
D4     Vision    
D5     Fisting    
D6     Die Laughing    
D7     Let's Go To War    
D8     Zombie    
D9     Homesick    
D10     Everflow    
D11     Dead Smart    
    Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 12, 1998)
D12     Soft Mind   

Side  E
   Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom Bonus Tracks
E1     No Sleep    
E2     Hippie Cult
E3     Cybergod
E4     Cornucopia    
E5     Born To Die
E6     Bubblebop Shop
E7     Boredoms Cover #2
    WFMU New Jersey, USA (August 29, 1996)
E8     Foolish Bastard      Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 12, 1998)

Side F
F1     It's After The End Of The World
F2     Callous   
F3     Average People   
     Live At Muse Hall, Kyoto, Japan (February 13, 1998)
F4     Black Door Mine   
    Live At On Air West, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (February 16, 1998)
F5     Promise   
    Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 20, 1995)
F6     Bite The Hand   
F7     Collateral Damage   
    Bonus Tracks
F8     Humanity's Folly   
F9     Painted Clowns   
F10     Judgement

Musikgruppe: Brutal Truth
Farbe: Schwarz
Format: 12''LP
Genre: Grindcore
Spezials: Boxset
Limitiert: 400 Stück
Versandgewicht: 1,10 Kg
Release Datum: 14. Juli 2011
EAN/Barcode: 0027882587884

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